Meditation: Its meaning and its Purpose

Meditation is an easy-to-learn mental practice for everyone to calm the fluttering mind, so you can get to know the real “You”. In today’s fast-paced and stressful world it is a huge help bringing peace and balance to everyday life.
Meditation: Its meaning and its Purpose

Meditation is already mentioned in ancient Sanskrit literature. During the process of deep concentration the mind calms down and the attention is directed from the outside world to the inner self of the observer. This allows the observer to discover and get to know his or her inner world to start a conscious lifestyle.

You realize that everything that happens is experienced within you as well as that your thoughts come from nowhere and leave towards nothing. This will make it easier to understand your feelings and your mindset will change. You experience a conscious presence, you no longer are part of the illusion. This world illusion is called Maya in the Hindu religion, which means the image of seduction that appears before the senses.


The Purpose of Meditation

The purpose of meditation is the same as that of yoga. Both teach awareness, knowledge and understanding of the self as well as self-control. It is a state where you turn off your mind. There are different meditation techniques, but whichever you choose, you can experience a feeling of inner peace and tranquility from the very first time you meditate.

With regular practice we are constantly moving towards higher states of consciousness, the ultimate goal which Hermes Trismegistos (an alchemist of antiquity) beautifully described in his works:

The whole creation exists in you, and everything in you exists in creation. There is no boundary between you and an object that is quite close to you, just as there is no distance between you and objects that are far away. In you are all things, the smallest and the greatest, the most powerful and the most exalted, and all equal. Every element on Earth is a single atom. In one movement of the spirit there are all the laws of life. A single drop of water contains the mystery of the endless ocean. The manifestation of your being conceals all manifestations of life.


Some Advice 

As mentioned above, regular practice is important. Meditation should be done twice a day and one session should not be longer than 20-30 minutes because it will be exhausting for you at the beginning. Of course, depending on the technique you have chosen the practising time can be increased.

It is important to always sit with your spine erect. Don’t lay down so your mind does not identify your meditation practice with the relaxed state you are in before falling asleep. Eating before morning meditation is not recommended, preferably try to do it on an empty stomach. If you practise during the day it is recommended to wait at least 2 hours after your meal because digestion takes the energy away from the brain and puts pressure on your organs.



After all this we hope you will try different meditation techniques. You can choose from several meditation courses or  you can follow some of the guided meditation videos on the internet to find the method and practice, which suits you best.

We wish everyone a pleasant workout!


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