Meditation Techniques: Find the Right One for You!

Meditation is the art of awareness, a state of silence. In this silence you can get to know your innermost self and become one with the source of life. Whether you’re just starting to take an interest in meditation or an advanced meditator, stay with us and find out which is the easiest method among the various meditation techniques! 
Meditation Techniques: Find the Right One for You!

Like a novice yoga practitioner who tries different yoga classes at the beginning of their practice, a novice meditator may find himself lost in the jungle of meditation techniques. But although there are many different types of meditation, the purpose of each is the same: Reaching the quiet, still state of mind. 

Different meditation techniques have been developed to achieve this goal. They can be divided into three different groups:


The Different Meditation Techniques


1.) Concentration

During this type of meditation the meditator keeps his attention on the subject of meditation with mental control and effort. Perhaps this is the most difficult way to calm the mind, as concentration increases mental activity. The goal is that the focus is only on the object of observation, and the environment and the outside world fade. Within the yoga system, these include the practice of asanas, ZEN meditation, and Buddhist Compassion Meditation.

2.) Contemplation 

Contemplation means directing your own awareness inside you towards your thoughts. Mindfulness and Vipassana meditation, for example, can be included in this group. During Mindfulness meditation, where you are consciously present, the practitioners observe their wandering thoughts as they drift through their mind. The goal is not to identify with or judge yourself by your thoughts, but simply to be aware of the presence of thoughts. During the exercise, an internal balance is formed.

3.) Automatic “Self-Transcendent” Method

This is one of the easiest and most effective meditation techniques. Transcendental Meditation is a simple, gentle method of concentration and contemplation. The mind, by observing itself, turns inward and so reaches its natural state, which is called pure consciousness. During practice only a mantra needs to be repeated in thought. The method is based on the nature of the mind as it always strives for bigger things and happiness. 

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This natural technique has also proven to be the best meditation technique for me. Today you can find many TM centers in Hungary and all over the world, where you can take a course to learn the technique. 

We hope you will join the league of those who practice meditation, if you haven’t done it yet. We hope that you will find the technique that works best for you and practice it every day, as meditation is an essential part of a conscious lifestyle.





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