The 3 Simple Basics of How to Live Consciously

Our world is undergoing tremendous changes and perhaps you too want to change, too. If you’re considering living a healthier and better life, but don’t really know how to, we are here to get you started on how to life consciously.
The 3 Simple Basics of How to Live Consciously

Your body and soul can show you in many ways that your lifestyle is not the best for you. A sedentary, hectic and stressful lifestyle, too much time spent in the office and a poor diet can lead to physical and psychological symptoms – warning signs that it is time to change, pay more attention to yourself and learn how to live consciously.

If you have noticed any unpleasant symptoms or don’t feel as good in your skin as you used to, it’s time to change. If you don’t know how to live consciously and how to get started, then here are some tips you can follow to improve your health and to feel better mentally. 

Living a conscious lifestyle is simple, we just need a little time to bring new and healthy habits into our lives. 


Take Care of Your Body

A healthy body is home to a healthy mind. Our bodies carry us through life, so it is important to take good care of them.

Take Time to Eat

What and how you eat is extremely important. Many people eat on the go, in a hurry, or just grab a few bites and are already rushing on. Like this we tell our bodies that we do not even consider it important what and how much we put into them. 

Take enough time every day to eat, so  you can actually enjoy and taste your meals. Be present while you are eating, pay attention to the food: chew well, pay attention to the flavors, textures, smells, colors. You will get up from the table with a completely different feeling.

If your goal is to eat meat-free, initially start with one meat- and dairy-free day per a week. Learn new recipes you can start incorporating into your diet. Then increase the number of meat-free days as you please. Your body will thank you.

Do Some Yoga

Although the best yoga studios in Budapest are currently closed, you can find plenty of online yoga videos on the internet. Put on a comfortable outfit and start moving at home. Yoga helps you align with yourself and teaches you to control both your body and mind and is a big support in learning how to live consciously.


Take Care of Your Mind

A healthy mind is just as important as an important body, so do not neglect it.

Take a Break

It is important that all work is done on time and that the housework is done at home and you take the dog out for a walk… but don’t forget about yourself! Often you can feel overwhelmed and stressed because you have too much to do and don’t have enough time for yourself. 

For an active break, go for a relaxing walk in nature once a week. Take a hot tub bath with lots of foam or essential oils and light some candles. Listen to music and curl up on the couch with a hot tea or read a good book. Don’t forget about yourself. Life is too short for that. If you regularly incorporate a little rest and self-care into your life, your mood will improve and you will have a lot more energy during the day to complete your tasks.


Meditation is an essential part oflearning how to live consciously. There are many types of meditation to choose from. Try a few and choose the one that works best for you. Start with 5-10 minutes a day and continually increase your time spent meditating. The “muscles” of the mind also need to be trained to develop their ability to concentrate.

Think Positive

Avoid negative news, articles and TV shows. Read positive and helpful content, gather positive affirmations that you can repeat every day. 

You can also create lots of positive vibrations by listening to the right music. Before going to sleep, avoid any kind of screen, be it your phone, laptop or television. Listen to some relaxing music instead. Give thanks before bed for all the good that happened to you that day. Gratitude can carry a big amount of positive energy. Accept and love yourself the way you are.

Start Journaling

If you don’t have a diary yet, walk to the nearest paper store and buy a nice diary or booklet for yourself. All you write in it, will be about you. Write down your goals, your desires, your progress. 

It is important that you write down all your statements as if they are happening in the present: “I train regularly”, “I drink just 1 coffee per day”, “I have time for myself every day”. 

Write down what kind of person you want to become. Start your list with 5 things and then add one every day for the rest of your life. It’s a great practice of manifestation and motivation and one day you’ll notice that you can already tick off a lot of things on your list.


Set Small Goals on the Path to Conscious Living

The most important thing is to go step by step. If you set too big goals or move too fast, you can quickly feel overwhelmed and lose momentum. Once you have decided to start exercising or doing yoga, start with 15-20 minutes a day and do gentle exercises that won’t put too much strain on your body. If you haven’t been training for a long time, suddenly too much exercise can strain your muscles. So build up your strength and performance slowly but steadily. Plan ahead on which days you will train and slowly increase the duration of your workout.

Changing eating habits works the same way. Read more about conscious nutrition here. If you are currently eating a lot of greasy and heavy food or all sorts of unhealthy fast food, then your digestive system will have to get used to the new, healthier kind of food. Plan your day, visit grocery stores selling organic products, drink lots of water. The more “alive” food you will start consuming, the more energetic you will feel.


Following just a few of our tips on how to live consciously is a great way to start the new year. If you are persistent then you will soon notice changes in your body and in your mind. Within a year you might be a happy and healthy person.

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