SUP Yoga – Here Is the Latest Sports Frenzy

SUP yoga: the latest hybrid sport that makes the world go crazy! A combination of yoga and SUP it can be a bit challenging for beginners, but there are several places in Budapest where you can practice.
SUP Yoga – Here Is the Latest Sports Frenzy

Various hybrid sports have always been popular with both athletes and those who engage in some form of exercise just for a hobby or to maintain their health. Think of the most basic hybrid sport, water polo.

And today, plenty of new forms have emerged, such as mixtures of individual martial arts, or teqball, which was born from the crossroads of tennis and football. There will be a lot of fuss about these sports from time to time, because they become not only popular, but also very fashionable. This has happened recently from the encounter between SUP and yoga, SUP yoga.


The Love Child of Yoga and SUP Paddling

SUP yoga is a hybrid out of stand up paddling and yoga. During SUP, one balances on a inflated board in the water while paddling. It can be done sitting, kneeling and standing, the later being the most rewarding way to move one’s muscles. 

In recent years, the SUP craze has broken out in Hungary as well. It is a pleasantly tiring sport, during which you can enjoy the water and the landscape and if there is a heatwave, you can cool down in the water at any time. You can even do it with good company during SUP tours. 

Yoga on the other side has rightly been one of the most popular forms of exercise and a supplement to a healthy lifestyle for many years already. It tones your body and makes it stronger and more enduring. 

Of course, there are many forms of yoga, each with explicit goals and different dynamics, types of exercises. But what is it like to do yoga on a SUP board?


SUP Yoga Is a Popular and Effective Form of Movement

SUP yoga is doing yoga asanas on a SUP board, balancing on the water. And this works wonders for body and soul! Let’s start with the body: SUPing alone works the muscles of the torso, as we balance on the water, so we have to constantly correct the movement of the plank with micro-movements. And here yoga immediately comes into play, which is about creating physical and mental balance.

On second thought, it’s not that weird that these two sports came together, right? Constant balance and concentration empties and at the same time calms the mind, making it perfect for relieving stress. And while we don’t paddle during SUP yoga, that doesn’t mean we don’t move our whole body, as we need all our muscles to endure the asanas.

And that’s not all of the benefits! In order to perform a series of exercises, we need constant balance and unbroken concentration. With this, the muscles work actively without a break, which means we can have a really intense workout. In addition, our ability to concentrate is developing, which we can use every day. Not to mention how much stress a SUP yoga workout releases! After all, yoga can do this on its own, but think about what you can achieve if you do the exercises in a wonderful natural environment, on the surface of the water!


SUP Yoga Is a Challenge – but Everybody Can Master It

SUP yoga is certainly not a form of movement you will master right away. But you don’t have to be scared because you don’t have to be a yogi or a Balaton SUP champion to get a taste of this sport. 

It is helpful though to try SUP on its own first, if you have not already done so, to get used to the interaction and behaviour of the board on the water. Also, it’s not a disadvantage if you’re aware of a few basic yoga moves.

Also, we advise you to check who the event is for before you go for a SUP yoga workout! There are lessons that are put together so that yoga beginners can do it all the way through, so they can have a sense of success that encourages them to practice more. And for those who move confidently on both the board and the yoga mat, we recommend more advanced classes so they too can find some challenge in this hybrid sport.


Where to Do SUP Yoga in Hungary

Thanks to it beneficial effects and benefits SUP yoga has become became popular very fast: and demand shapes supply! In other words: now we can try it in countless places and in countless forms at home, in Hungary as well. Just win to choose from!

The obvious choice for SUP is the mirror-smooth water of Lake Balaton. But you don’t even have to travel that far: Lake Velence also offers this unique experience! Barkan Yoga Studio offers SUP yoga sessions there. Moreover, there are similar opportunities in Budapest. with the whole Danube to conquer! The goal of the SUP Budapest team is just that, as they are waiting for numerous SUP tours and other classes, including SUP yoga. Give it a try!

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