The Best Autumn Hikes Around Budapest

There are countless opportunities for autumn hikes around Budapest. The combination of the transforming nature and the hills surrounding Budapest invites you for great hikes with a wonderful view!
The Best Autumn Hikes Around Budapest

You don’t have to venture far from Budapest for interesting autumn hikes through beautiful landscapes. So put on your hiking boots, pack enough water in your backpack and some snacks, don’t forget a sweater for the cooler temperatures as well as a raincoat and get started!

In the rush of our everyday lives it can often be difficult to find time for longer day trips from the capital. Work, shopping, exercising, hobbies or spending quality time with our loved ones – we are always busy. For our autumn hikes around Budapest you don’t need to travel far though. In just a few hours you can enjoy all the positive effects of this magical season in nature. Colorful leaves, fragrant forests, lots of fresh air and cool wind: head out into nature!

Dera-szurdok – A Magical Gorge in the Pillis Hills

Pilis has countless breathtaking hiking spots for all those who are not afraid of a small climb. (But of course there are also some easier tracks in the area.) In addition, Pillis is within easy reach of the capital, so if you are looking for an autumn hike around Budapest, this is the area for you. One of the most beautiful parts of Pillis is the Dera Gorge (Dear-szurdok), which is not easy to get to (You have to go to Pomáz by train and then take a bus), but definitely worth it! In the charming creek valley you’ll find a gorge trail with wooden bridges and the landscape is simply amazing!

Hárs-hegy – Hiking Adventure within the City Limits

Hárs-hegyl in the Buda Hills lies lies within in the territory of Budapest, in the II. district. Beginner hikers can walk along the Örökerdő Tanösvénye, an educational forest trail, which runs along the side of the mountain. Once you are there it is also worth a trip to the  and if they are already here, it is definitely worth going to the Kaán Károly Lookout Tower, from where you can see the surrounding mountain ranges. The route lined with huge oak and maple trees is perfect if you want to get a little bit of fresh air within the city limits..

Gyadai-rét – Great for Children

Gyadai-ét is a beautiful meadow which offers several hiking options in the area.  The Gyadia educational trail and the Katalinpuszta hiking center are also located here, all on the side of Naszály-hegy. This is a typical autumn tour around Budapest, that is also suitable for children, offering many activity for the small ones. There is a kindergarten educational trail, an ornithological educational trail and a children’s railway. Here you will also find the famous suspension bridge, which you may have seen on photos. While walking here, it’s not worth missing out on the Óriások pihenő, a nice picnic and resting area.


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Gödöllő Arboretum – Mix Culture and Nature in Gödöllő

When it comes to Gödöllő, most people think of either Sissi Castle, the university here, or the beautiful downtown. However, fewer people know that there is a fabulous arboretum Gödöllő, which is definitely worth a visit at least once. The 130-hectare area is full of huge, fragrant pine trees, countless special plants, walkways and rest areas. There are also designated fireplaces, so you can even spend the whole day there and have a little BBQ. 

Sátorkőpusztai-barlang – Travel Deep into the Earth

Not far from Budapest you can find this fantastic hiking opportunity. The Sátorkőpuszta-barlang is a crystal cave that opens on the rocky side of Nagy-Strázsa-hégy. It is a perfect place for more adventurous hikers: handrails, iron ladders and built-in steps around the cave help to get around. The cave itself is easy to walk around, but the ten-meter suspension ladder is only recommended for the more experienced. When walking here, do not miss the Stone Flowers Room, where a fabulous sight is provided by the thick gypsum bark, calcites, gypsum needles, aragonite lumps and gypsum flowers covering the walls.

Dunakanyar – Panorama Views over the Danube

The Danube Bend is clearly one of the best places for autumn hikes around Budapest! This area is wonderful not only in summer, winter and spring but also in autumn. Perhaps this is even when it provides the most special sight. Here you can choose from several hiking trails, depending on the level of difficulty you are prepared for. You can sail on the Danube, tour the old town of Szentendre, visit Visegrád Castle, or go on one of the hiking routes of different difficulty. These are worth pursuing even if you do not want to be so active. You might need to climb up a bit, but you will be rewarded with amazing panoramas over the Danube! 

Dévényi Antal-kilátó – A Short Hike with a Great View

This lookout tower, which also offers great hiking opportunities, is also located in Pilis, at the top of Nagy-Kopasz – at an altitude of 447 meters. From the top of the nearly 12-meter-high building there is an amazing panorama over the Buda Hills. Additionally there is also a fireplace as well as several benches und tables, where you can have lunch or dinner or just relax. The good news for children is that it is a short (2.3 km) hike, so you can go on a trip with the little ones.

Kőhegyi Kápolna – The Magical Landscape of Budaörs

Anyone who has ever been to Budaörs must have been amazed at the fabulous landscape surrounding this chapel The Kőhegy Chapel (or Mary’s Chapel) is located on Kőhegy and offers one of the must-see autumn tours around Budapest. A flight of stairs leads up to the chapel itself, but to get there, you have to climb an even more beautiful slope. And since you are already here, do not miss the nearby Calvary-domb, in fact, it is worth visiting the Jakab Bleyer Local History Museum, not to mention the cozy Csiki rest area.

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