The Best Christmas Markets in Budapest

Whether you want to shop for gifts, try some of the countless delicacies, or just want to get into the right Christmas mood before the holidays - the best Christmas Markets in Budapest are waiting for you!
The Best Christmas Markets in Budapest

Which ones are the best Christmas markets in Budapest? What food and drinks are waiting for you? Are they good places to buy some Christmas presents? And what other programs are they offering? Let’s have a look!

In the past, mainly Vienna was famous for its Christmas markets, and justifiably so, but Budapest’s Christmas markets are slowly stealing Vienna’s the show. With their stalls, gifts, music, food and drinks they help people to tune into the right mood for the upcoming holidays. Here her we’ll introduce you to our favorites among the best Christmas markets in Budapest. 

If you’re one of those who have been postponing gift shopping so far, or those who have been wanting to drink a good mulled wine since the first fall of autumn, or maybe those who need the hustle and bustle of the fair for get into the right Christmas mood, there’s nothing to do: visit one of the following fairs … Or even all of them!

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Vörösmarty Tér Christmas Market

The Christmas market is probably the most famous one. No wonder! It opens as early as November 19th in the center of downtown, in a wonderful setting to entertain and satisfy the high-spirited until December 31st. Many people think this is primarily for foreigners, but if you look around, you may notice that the many standard goods line up with a myriad of handcrafted, domestic creative products.

So, if you want a special gift for your loved ones, or maybe you want Hungarian food, prepared in the traditional way, then this is the place for you!


Christmas Market at the Basilica

Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? From the Vörösmarty tér Christmas market you can take a leisurely, short walk to St. Stephen’s Basilica, where a festive market awaits! And not just that: in 2019 and 2020 and also this year in2021 it has been declared the best Christmas market in Europe, so there’s no question that it has to be on our list. 

Here the emphasis doesn’t only lie on shopping, but also on entertainment. Therefore, you can find a skating rink in the square, which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, with concerts and choirs in the evenings and afternoons, but those wandering into the square in front of the Basilica can also stumble upon several other performances.


Christmas Market in Óbuda

Do you want to slow down a bit before the holidays and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city center? No problem, we understand that too! For that we recommend the Christmas market in Óbuda. It is outside the center, so it offers a pleasant, rustic experience,

Both in the Main Square and in the community area of the Békásmegyer market, there is a fair, family programs as well as free concerts. If you visit Óbuda, you will see that the best Christmas markets in Budapest are not necessarily in the city center.


Christmas Market at Várkert Bazár

If you have been to the Várket Bazár, you know that there are only a few places in Budapest that can be compared to it. And this breathtaking setting is home to countless Christmas programs in December. There are also paid concerts and performances that all evoke the spirit of Christmas. But there are also free programs – including a craft corner and interactive Christmas toys for children and an applied arts fair where you can admire and buy the products of contemporary Hungarian artists.

Last but not least, there are free programs, such as a children’s choirs, and even an outdoor exhibition in honor of Ervin Lázár’s tales.


Kiskertpiac Zöld Ünnep

This downtown retail market will take place in Anker on 19th December. There will be different series of events waiting for each day, and there will be no shortage of exhibitors either. This way you can find countless natural cosmetics, designer products, fashion items, and even gastronomic treasures. You can do all this in a relaxed, dog-friendly environment while tasting divine drinks and food.


Advent Weekends in Tompa Utca

One of the most cozy streets of Budapest is the narrow, cobbled Tompa Street, where a series of Christmas gastro-cultural programs fit perfectly. Fair, music, lights, holiday fair, gift ideas, common Christmas tree decoration, charity: here you will find everything that is part of a good Christmas!


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