The Best Gyms in Budapest to Get Into Shape in 2022

Is your New Years resolution for 2022 to continuously work out to reach your dream shape? Then check out our best fitness studios in Budapest to get into shape in 2022!
The Best Gyms in Budapest to Get Into Shape in 2022

The first days of the new year are often the busiest time in the gyms. This is the time when all those whose New Year’s resolutions involve getting fit are storming into the gyms. 

But what if this motivation outlasted the first week of the year? What if everyone was persistent and continued training? For that, you really need to love working out and picking the right gym in Budapest with the right offers for your requirement will help you immensely in keeping up the momentum. Choose among the best gyms in Budapest and get in the best shape of your life!  

Which gyms are worth your money and which workout and classes are offered where? Which of the best gyms in Budapest is really the right one for you? Our list will help you choose! 


Before You Start Regular Workouts

If you haven’t trained much in the past, there are a few things to consider before you embark on your journey. First, you need to determine what your goal is. Do you want to be stronger or slimmer or maybe both? Would you like to bulk a lot of muscle mass? Would you like to build up lean muscles? It is important to note these in advance, as you will need to choose the type of training you are doing according to your goals and limitation. For example, not all forms of exercise are recommended in case of being overweight; also if you have problems like knee issues, you need to be careful.

If you have found the right type of training for you, then it is time to check which of the best fitness studios in Budapest offer what you need! Remember, among the most important things are regularity and persistance. But it’s also important not to overload yourself so you don’t give up prematurely. And in addition to exercise, no matter what your goal is, proper nutrition is essential. Many people forget this and wonder why they don’t make the progress they could be making.


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The Best Gyms in Budapest

And now that we have laid some foundations, we will show you some of the best fitness studios in Budapest: among them you are guaranteed to find a place where the right training atmosphere is waiting for you. 

She Fitness

Many women do not like to go to gym that is also visity by men, mainly due to a lack of self-confidence. If you are one of them and would rather go to a place where only women train besides you, She Fitness is what you are looking for. Taking into account your condition and any injuries you may have they will put together the perfect training plan for you. They offer functional yoga, cardio training and more.

Individual women’s fitness, personal trainers, personalized programs and even results after the first month are waiting for you! And their philosophy is simple: they provide a workable workout that will easily fit into your everyday life!


Unique smart fitness machines are waiting for you in Smartfit in Budapest. With these, you can complete a full workout in just 36 minutes – so it’s easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle. In addition, fat burning here is 15x more effective than traditional training methods. So this room is perfect for those whose main goal with training is to lose weight. Of course, you can also do strength training here and various group classes such as TRX, Core Training, Body Pump and Yoga are offered,

Bliss & Body

Bliss & Body simply can’t be missing from the list of the best gyms in Budapest. Here you can choose from a number of classic cardio and strength machines, but they also offer different group classes and you can even request a workout with a personal trainer. But this is not the best of it! After a workout, you can finish at the spa, where you will also find pools, saunas and massages to really rejuvenate.

River Fitness

River Fitness is ideal for those who want to try a variety of workouts before they find the right one, but it can also be great for all those who like to exercise at different times, as this gym is open 24 hours a day. They have plenty of cardio machines, from elliptical trainers to bikes to treadmills for everything you can imagine. But they also have a functional area where TRX, HotIron and CrossFit are waiting for you. Additionally you can also choose classes like pilates or put on a little muscle with their strength training equipment. The icing on the cake is the Japanese massage, which you can enjoy after your workout!


At YogaYogi we love talking about the beneficial effects of yoga – not only on the human body but also on the soul. That’s why the best yoga studios in Budapest   can’t be missing from this list ! There you can find the perfect yoga classes – be it bikram, ashtango or women’s yoga – tailored to their own needs.

Bikram Yoga Budapest, for example, is the best choice if you want hot yoga, and it also offers a peaceful refuge in the hustle and bustle of the city center. The Antaranga Yoga Center is for those who are already more trained and looking for some physical challenge with training. AUM Yoga is waiting for those who are unable to live a full life due to their various complaints: insomnia, digestive complaints, stress… here you will find the answer! And Sankalpa Yoga Studio helps all entrants to leave the outside world completely and just look inside.


Let’s Get Going!

In the end, we wish you a lot of success in achieving your 2022 fitness goals with the help of the best fitness studios in Budapest!


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