Bikram Yoga Budapest

Bikram Jóga | Budapest, District 7, Károly körút 1 floor #1/2 door #2, Hungary
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The good:
Spotless locker rooms and showers, snacks and water to refresh yourself, English speaking yoga classes.
The not so good:
Not enough hair dryers and the locker rooms get very crowded after a class.
High quality studio which could be absolutely perfect if they provided more hairdryers and a tad bigger locker room.   

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere5.0
  • Cleanliness5.0
  • Location4.0
  • Price for value4.0
  • Service4.0

Review about Bikram Yoga Budapest

One of the best hot yoga studios in Budapest, Bikram Yoga is going to be your safe haven right in the middle of the city.

Well-known and loved by a lot of people, Bikram Yoga Budapest is a good example of how to spend quality time in an exceptional place. Added extra: there is no need to preregister for classes, which can be a pain in your backside. Especially if the platform for bookings is not that great. Thankfully, however, here, everything is easy-peasy.

This yoga studio near Astoria emphasizes calmness and finding your inner peace. Because of this, you cannot take your mobile phone into the classroom. Also, you cannot have loud conversations in the locker room. A slight inconvenience: after classes it can get pretty crowded in the locker rooms, so be prepared to wait a bit to shower and to dry your hair. An alternative option could be to bring a hairdryer along with you, because there are free sockets placed in certain places.

At the reception, if you are a newbie, they will happily explain everything to you. the teachers usually don’t constantly show you how to do the poses. Concentrate on the explanation of how to do the asanas and you’ll be fine – if the teacher sees that you are having trouble, he or she will help you immediately.

If you want good quality Bikram yoga in Hungary, this is the place.

All in all, you will feel very relaxed, but energized at the same time. Bikram yoga allows you to sweat out every negative thought you have and the guidance of the teacher is downright meditative. The outside world ceases to exist for a few hours. You can finally concentrate only on yourself and what you would like to achieve.

Be prepared: due to the high temperature and humidity, you will even sweat when lying down on the floor! Give yourself time and be patient with yourself. You will feel wonderful after you finish with class.

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