Yoga You, a Healthy You: The Many Benefits of Yoga

It is weird. Whatever kind of issue I have ever had, people around me always said, “Do yoga,” or “Have you tried yoga?” Seems like it is a mystical solution to anything life may throw your way, but I’ve decided to blow away this magic cloud around it and find out what the benefits of yoga are exactly.
Yoga You, a Healthy You: The Many Benefits of Yoga

Flexibility, Muscle Strength and Posture

When you first look at the poses done by those more seasoned in this game, your face is nothing but a mixture of perplexed amazement. Then, when you start going to class, gradually you’ll notice that you can bend further and further. This is the most wonderful thing about yoga: you can always upgrade yourself!

As you get more flexible, your muscles get stronger, because holding out the poses is hard work and your muscles have to adapt, i.e. get bigger. All of these effects lead to the improvement of something very important: your posture. If you don’t have a good one, it could lead to horrible neck and back pain, and not only that, but serious damage can be done on your joints and muscles. Ever seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Exactly.



Blood Flow

We all know that circulation is extremely important for our organs to remain healthy, right? The more brand-new, oxygenated blood our internal parts get, the longer they will stay in good shape. Well, by doing exercises that twist your limbs, the fresh, new blood gets a better chance of reaching those areas and helping them get more oxygen.

Do your legs swell a lot? Yoga can be an answer to this, too! With poses that promote the upside-down perspective, the less-oxygenated blood can leave those locations and fresh blood can enter. This also means that there will be less chance of a blood clot forming, which could lead to more serious issues such as strokes or heart attacks.


Immune System Up, Blood Pressure Down

The way you move when doing yoga allows for your lymphatic system to get rid of toxic cells that could, in the end lead to a cancerous growth. This leads to a stronger, more responsive immune system that can take on the fight with even very serious illnesses.

Your blood pressure will also drop (which is great for patients with hypertension), because the effects of yoga are similar to a nice session of meditation or relaxation, during which people’s stress levels decrease. And, with the decrease of your blood pressure, the chances of you getting a stroke or a heart attack becomes much smaller.


One of the Best Benefits of Yoga: a Cure for Insomnia

You don’t have to go to a far away yoga studio in Hungary to find some meditative classes nearby and benefit from them greatly. These are a brilliant way to grab your stressy self and shake it out of your body, leaving a calm you who is completely at peace.

With directed breathing exercises and the so-called Restorative asanas (or yoga postures), your nervous system can take a breath and switch itself off. You’ll see the advantages of this when you go to sleep later that night: your brain will drift into the snooze phase faster than ever, leading to a more restful state of sleep.



Stabilization of Weight

A big portion of people start yoga because it is a gentler way to start on the road to weight loss. Those who have been injured and their movement is limited due to pain can find solace in yoga, because it helps the muscles and joints to get stronger before adding pressure.

A couple of yoga classes in Budapest per week with a sugar-free diet can help upkeep a gradual, not too drastic weight loss. The amazing part of this is that while one loses the kilos, the muscles get visibly stronger, thus leading to a more toned form.


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