The Positive Effects of Yoga Mudras

Using yoga mudras can improve our health and well-being. This is because this "finger yoga" allows us to turn inward and recharge our energy levels. Discover these spiritual hand gestures and the positive effects of yoga mudras with us and add some to your next practice! 

Ayurveda – The Three Doshas and Body Types

Our physical world is made up of the well-known 5 elements, which are water, fire, air, earth and ether. The knowledge of Ayurveda is not that widespread yet. It helps you to know the logic behind a cure, so you can easily understand the signs of your body. Let us introduce you to the Ayurvedic body types and their three doshas.

A Conscious Daily Routine for All Yogis

A conscious daily routine for yogis is essential for our bodies to work healthily and for us to live our lives effectively. If you follow the teachings of Ayurveda during your day it is easy to establish a physical and mental balance. The following activities related to the three doshas make for an ideal daily routine for a yogi. 

Fasting for Yoga Practitioners

Fasting means abstaining from eating, drinking or doing any other activity out of our own free will for a while. There is not necessarily religious reason for it, it is rather a way of developing self-discipline. Let us give you an overview of why to fasting, the good effects it has on your body and how to put it into practice. Stay with us!