The Positive Effects of Yoga Mudras

Using yoga mudras can improve our health and well-being. This is because this "finger yoga" allows us to turn inward and recharge our energy levels. Discover these spiritual hand gestures and the positive effects of yoga mudras with us and add some to your next practice! 
The Positive Effects of Yoga Mudras

Mudra is a word of Sanskrit origin, meaning seal, sign, or hand gesture, and is used in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Their purpose is to control the flow of energy in the body. Over the centuries, more than 100 known spiritual movements have been developed and the positive effects of yoga mudras are plenty.


Yoga Mudras: Everything You Need to Know

To deepen your yoga exercises, it is recommended to do mudras, which are usually done with both hands and fingers – hence it can be called finger yoga. These hand gestures have already appeared on ancient Hindu and Buddhist statues. They are used in conjunction with asanas and during meditations. Each mudra has a specfic positive effect on the practitioner.

According to the teachings of yoga, the whole physical reality is made up of five elements, collectively called tattva. These five elements are earth, air, fire, water and space (also known as ether). If these elements are out of balance, diseases can develop.

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According to Ayurveda, each of our fingers has a special connection with our body:

  • The thumb is connected to the element of fire
  • The index finger is connected to the element of air. By touching our index finger and thumb, we can increase the movement of our breathing throughout our body.
  • The middle finger is connecte to the element of ether, which increases the spaciousness when touched with the thumb.
  • The ring finger is in contact with the earth element, so it creates a feeling of stability and grounding when touched with the thumb.
  • The pinky is connected to the water element, so it improves circulation when touched with the thumb.


3 Yogic Mudras and Their Positive Effects


Chin Mudra

The thumbs and index fingers of both hands meet together to form a circle, the other fingers are stretched. The hands stand with the palms facing up on the thighs or knees while the practitioner is sitting in a Vajrayana pose. This mudra activates the diaphragm as the diaphragm pushes the internal organs outwards towards the pelvis when inhaled. The prana flows towards the flank and the legs. ( You can read more about the prana in this article.)

Karana Mudra 

Karana mudra is a mudra that is used to drive away demons and overcome negative thoughts, diseases, and other obstacles. The index finger and little finger are stretched with the other fingers bent, however, unlike the similar western “sign of the horns” hand position, the thumb does not pinch the bent middle fingers.

Mukula Mudra 

Mukula mudra has analgesic and regenerative effects. Touch all four fingers with your thumb. Place the tip of your fingers on the part of your body where you need more energy.


We hope that soon you too will incorporate yoga mudras and their positive effect into your daily practice as they are an essential part of a conscious lifestyle. We wish everyone a pleasant workout in the best yoga studios in Budapest!

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