Ahimsa Concept

Budapest, District 11, Sopron út 21, Hungary
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The good:
Sophisticated and beautiful studio with a great number of class types!
The not so good:
You have to register using the barcode of your previously purchased pass, which slows the whole process down. It is also further away from the city center.
Apart from the icky registration process and the barcodes, you will find that this yoga studio offers a whole lot.

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere5.0
  • Cleanliness5.0
  • Location4.0
  • Price for value4.0
  • Service4.0

Review about Ahimsa Concept

This “young” yoga studio in Budapest opened just a year ago. Immediately you can see that they want to offer something special, from their well-designed website. And believe you me, you will be visiting the website quite often, since you have to register for each class.

The registration process is not easy at all if you are short of time. You can only register by giving the bar code that you receive when you buy your first pass. This means that for the first registration, you have to be there in person. Only then can you reserve a class and attend it. Furthermore, if something comes up and you wish to erase your registration for a said class, you have to do it 24 hours beforehand. If not, it won’t work. Do this twice, the system will ban you and you’re going to have to call or go in to resolve the problem. Sounds serious, right?

Apart from registration, it is a truly sophisticated yoga studio in Budapest

Now, the bright side: they offer a lot of types of yoga classes in Budapest, including Bikram (or hot) yoga, and aerial yoga, too. Apart from these, they have family yoga classes, prenatal and kids’ classes, candle-lit Bikram yoga and a whole lot of other, more traditional types, like Hatha. Keep in mind that if you do not have a yoga mattress, they will loan you one, but you have to pay for it (first time it’s for free.)

The studio itself is clean and beautifully designed, you will feel like everything is in the right place (and so are you). The locker rooms look great, everything is very white and full of light. The studio is not over-decorated. Rather, it is a modern day yoga heaven.

Again, since there are not too many classes during the day, the morning and more so the evening classes are pretty full. This means that you would do well by yourself if you go a bit earlier to change into your yoga clothes  to avoid the rush. The teachers are very well-prepared and communicate what you have to do in an understanding and patient manner. You’ll often be quietly praised even if you are a beginner. So good for the soul! Each class is conducted in a very upbeat mood. This, combined with the bright interior will instantly cheer you up if you have a bad day. In other words, this studio is a highly recommended one!

Studio features

Beautiful design and special classes (aerial and Bikram yoga) all in one spot!
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