A Guide to the Appropriate Yoga Attire for the Whole Family

Colorful, black or white? Baggy or tight? Patterned or Plain? There are a lot of yoga attire choices nowadays and the selection process can take ages. While it can be easier for women to choose the right clothing, for men and children, this can be a whole different matter.
A Guide to the Appropriate Yoga Attire for the Whole Family

For the Ladies

From the teenage years onwards, women can find an enormous selection of different yoga clothes. It seems like there is no limit to all the different styles and colors… What exactly to wear, however, depends a lot on the type of yoga class you are going to attend.

For example, if you plan on going for Bikram Yoga in Hungary, it is advisable to wear cooling yoga clothes: shorts and a tank top maximum! Otherwise you’ll be feeling like someone dropped you off on the surface of the Sun. For other classes, like meditative yoga, you can wear baggy long or short pants with whatever kind of shirt or tank top you would like.

If, however, you are planning on attending a more dynamic yoga class, or just a regular Hatha yoga session where you’ll be upside-down a lot, you should keep in mind that baggier clothes don’t allow for quick and agile movements – you also want to avoid your clothes falling off you and showing too much. During these types of classes, it’s better to wear something more form-fitting, which can be of any length or style, color or pattern.

In terms of material, it is best to use the synthetic types for classes where you’ll move a lot: these limit your movement less. For the meditative class type, you can wear organic cotton, for example, to make you feel even more comfy in your skin.


For the Gents

Similarly to women, in this case, it also depends on the type of class you want to attend. If you are going for a hot yoga session, your best bet is to wear cooling, breathable shorts that are not too loose (to avoid a free peep show), and a sleeveless top so you don’t boil yourself.

Always keep in mind that the better quality material you wear, the better your sweat will be absorbed, the more your skin will be able to breathe and you’ll have a better overall sense of comfort. Your clothes should be flexible, sweat-absorbent and lightweight.



For more relaxed classes, you can opt for loose-fitting t-shirts and shorts, you can even wear longer pants, but always keep in mind that too baggy shorts and shirts can end up over your head when you’re doing an upside-down pose, and carrying out bendy-twisty asanas can be a real pain with your clothes hanging in the way.

If possible, try on your clothes before buying them to see how they fit – too tight yoga clothes aren’t too great to move in, either because they cut off circulation and limit you. When trying them on, move around a bit, stretch your arms above your head and if there’s space, do a lunge or two – this way, you’ll be able to measure the range of movement that the clothes allow you.


Yoga Attire for Children

Since children’s yoga is pretty about having fun and a laidback session of imitating asanas, the clothes that they wear should be reflective of this. Of course, it depends on their taste in color, but the general guideline here is that children should just go to yoga in comfy clothes.

Here too, the rule of nothing too loose applies, but since they are going to be moving around a lot, clothes that might constrain them is not a great idea. Instead, for girls and boys, opt for a nice, cotton T-shirt that fits them nicely, not too snug and not too baggy. For the bottom, shorts for boys that are just above knee-high, and for girls, three-quarter leggings or yoga pants should do the trick!



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