How to Find Happiness Every Day

We all know the feeling of happiness as something not permanent and we all strive to find happiness in daily life. With the help of yoga, meditation and a conscious lifestyle it is indeed possible to transfer this fleeting feeling into a consant part of your life and we will tell you how.
How to Find Happiness Every Day

What exactly does happiness mean? It is a perfect state where we feel we don’t lack anything while feeling joy. When this is achieved, we are in the state of samadhi (happiness in Sanskrit. It is a superconscious spiritual experience, a state of consciousness,  or the highest level of wisdom.

But how does this relate to yoga and how is it possible to find happiness in everyday life? Anyone who is just beginning to become acquainted with the teachings of yoga and living a conscious lifestyle may feel separated from the world around them. Fortunately the continuous practice of yoga and regular meditation brings us closer to experiencing a sense of oneness and teach us how to find happiness every day.

A visual representation of Samadhi is a person in lotus seat, either sitting in nature or in a cosmic environment – symbolizing the unity experienced in the universe. However, this does not mean that happiness, i.e. samadhi, can only be experienced through intense and regular yoga. Finding happiness is possible through our small, everyday tasks – whether it’s washing dishes in the evening or cooking. But what exactly does this mean?

Ways of Finding Happiness in Daily Life

The feeling of happiness is closely related to the feeling of gratitude. When you learn to feel gratitude from a pure heart, happiness will automatically come to you. Twice a day, after getting up and in the evening before going to bed, for a few minutes, think about what you can be grateful for. 

The next tip is simple and incredibly difficult at the same time: be conscious in the present as you act. Do not let yourself be distracted from the present by worries about the future and the past. You can use meditation as a tool to calm your mind and develop your concentration as w your ability to focus. Practice yoga as often as you can, regardless of your skill level, as this will help you connect with your true, divine being. If you manage to rise above the boundaries built by the mind and get out of this prison, you can truly learn how to find happiness every day.

person in easy lotus seat

Transcendental Meditation and Happiness

Transcendental meditation is one of the simplest types of meditation. You can master the technique by practicing at home or by taking a course. During meditation, we have to repeat a single mantra to ourselves so that the mind’s attention is automatically focussed. Because the mind is naturally attracted towards greater happiness and peace, the process of transcendental meditation takes place in a completely natural way.

Although happiness is a subjective experience and triggered by different things for everybody,, the hormonal effects of the processes that take place are measurable. Today, the results of scientific research show that happiness and healthy self-confidence and self-esteem contribute to our well-being, health and quality of life. 

We hope we could help you to set your path for a life full of happiness and gratitude. For more news and posts, follow us on Facebook so you can be the first to know about new content.



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