Tulasi Jóga

Budapest, 14. kerület, Pillangó utca 12. 3 em., Hungary
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Leírás Tulasi Jóga

Tulasi Yoga opened a little over a year ago near Örs Leader Square. The owners are two friends who have decided to team up and show the world: yoga is not just a fitness sport, but a whole lifestyle. Their goal was to create an island of peace full of joy, and they achieved this goal to the maximum: the perfect size of the studio, its interior design, and its furnishings. Fresh and clean, you won’t see chilivili ornaments or strong colors – it’s nice to look at the look of the studio and feel like you’re in a high-quality, professional yoga studio. Obviously, the owners wanted to build something that strived for perfection, where visitors get more than they paid for. This “novelty atmosphere” is felt everywhere: the walls, the floor, the waiting room and the dressing room all tell us that the place is brand new and encourages you to return. You can see they’re doing everything they can to keep it that way.

From maternity yoga to retired yoga, parents can rest assured that while they are doing yoga, the lurks are also booked for The Children’s Yoga Class – this place is ideal for the whole family! In addition to the yoga classes mentioned above for all ages, hatha yoga is also taught with infrared lamps to give participants a little extra health, and aerial yoga is also available once a week. Workshops are usually on weekends – if you’ve had a particularly stressful week, it’s worth going because for at least three hours nothing else happens to them other than the outside world and stress while focusing on your own needs.

The atmosphere is amazing thanks in part to the happy and balanced clients and partly to the teachers radiating from peace. In addition to passing on the knowledge of how to perform yoga poses, instructors try to touch your mind a little more spiritually. Private lessons are also available if you feel you need them, during which the owners will usually show you how to carry the Assans through.

Overalls, the Tulasi Yoga Studio is a place worth travelling a little more for – here you’ll find a place that was obviously created to relax and find balance!!

Studio features

An amazing selection of classes, brand new equipment and studio.
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