4 Lesser Known Ayurvedic Herbs

These four lesser-known Ayurvedic herbs, but have been used in Eastern medicine since ancient times and are said to have many benefits. Ginseng, ashwagandha, black cumin and hemp seed may extend your lifespan, help you relax and boos your immune system.
4 Lesser Known Ayurvedic Herbs

These lesser known Ayurvedic herbs and plants we are about to introduce to you have been used in Eastern medicine for millennia and are famous for their positive health-preserving properties. It’s easy to incorporate them into your life, so why not give it a try and see if you can boost your health! 

Ginseng – For a Longer Life

Ginsen is a real vitamin bomb. It contains vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, as well as folic acid, manganese, zinc, oils, amino acids and copper, which have a beneficial effect not only on your body but also on your mental abilities. 

Ginseng is said to primarily strengthen the body’s ability to defend itself against stress, calming the nerves by balancing the stress hormones.

It is also said to have a stimulating effect, so it helps with work, mental activities, and concentration – but for this reason it is not advisable to combine it with coffee.

If you feel abnormally exhausted, tired, or have a hard time recovering from an illness, ginseng is said to strengthen and stimulate your body to function. It is also used by athletes when they want to recover quickly from an injury.

A special property of the ginseng rhizome is said to act as an aphrodisiac, stimulating sexual desire and improving the enhancement of sexual performance in men. It is said to have a beneficial effect on hormonal homeostasis and blood circulation. If taken in for a long time, it is said to strengthen the immune system so effectively that it can even slow down aging.

Ginseng is also said to lower cholesterol and with that to protect the heart and the vascular system. Ginseng additionally may lower blood sugar.

Cosmetic products made of ginseng rejuvenate the skin, give it a healthy level of vitality, effectively treat skin blemishes, inflammations and chronic lesions.

Ginseng tastes great as tea, which can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. 


lesser known ayurvedic herbs


Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry for More Energy

Ashwagandha, a lesser known Ayurvedic herb, is an evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East and parts of Africa. It has a long history in the field of traditional medicine.

People have been using the roots and orange-red fruit of ashwagandha for medicinal purposes for centuries. The herb is also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry.

The name “ashwagandha” describes the scent of the root, meaning “like a horse”. 

This plant is used as a general tonic to increase energy and reduce stress and anxiety. Some also claim that the herb may be beneficial for certain cancers, Alzheimer’s and anxiety.

Promising studies are being conducted on the health benefits of ashwagandha.


Black Cumin or Nigella Against Inflammation

Already the great Persian physician Avicenna said in the famous 10th century “The Canon of Medicine” that black cumin stimulates the body’s energy and promotes recovery from fatigue and pleasure. In Ayurveda, black cumin helps build agni (digestive fire). It has also been used in Ayurveda to treat eczema and wounds. It is hypotensive and lowers blood sugar.

It is widely used in Ayurveda to treat asthma, bronchitis, cough, rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases. It is also said to be an immunomodulator that is useful in allergies.

Black cumin may also have an anti-cancer effect, especially for tumors of the eyes, abdomen and liver. Black cumin may be useful in pancreatic cancer because it enhances the process of programmed cell death (apoptosis). Black cumin is also used to combat parasitic infections. 

You can use it in curries or just sprinkle it over salads and on sandwiches – it will add a delicious nutty flavour.


lesser known ayurvedic herbs


Hemp Seeds to Calm Your Nerves

Heavy, oily and slightly sweet hemp seeds are hearty supplements for the winter diet. These dense seeds nourish and build the tissues, so you can feel strong, stable and durable even during the toughest months of the year.

They are said to help you to stay calm in stressful situations, calming the excited nervous system and creating a feeling of deep relaxation. 

Mixed in smoothies, tossed into salads, or sprinkled on soup, hemp seeds add a lot of nutrition to the food.You can even make your own homemade hemp milk from the seeds.

They expire quickly, so it is better to buy the seeds in smaller quantities. The sweet, oily and heavy properties mean that they are particularly beneficial to the Vata dosha and also balance the Pitta. The density and cooling nature of the seeds means that they can aggravate Kapha, especially if digestion is poor or slow.


Ayurvedic Herbs at Home

These herbs can be found in organic and health stores. It is worthwhile to design a diet according to our own Ayurvedic body type, where they are included. A good start is to eat consciously and clean, while incorporating these great Ayurvedic herbs. 


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