Krisna-völgy: A Place for Your Body and Your Mind

Krisna-völgy is an eco-community close to Lake Balaton, where you have the opportunity to relax and live closer to nature. If you feel like breaking out of everyday life, this is your place!
Krisna-völgy: A Place for Your Body and Your Mind

Over the last few years a conscious lifestyle has become more and more important in Hungary as well as in many Western societies. People star paying more attention to themselves, their body, their soul and with that also to their nutrition and daily practices, their state of mind and exercise. 

And as a result, more and more organizations, foundations, courses, and other similar communities are being created to help people live a happier, fuller, healthier life.

This is where meditation venues, the best yoga studios in Budapest, producer markets, and vegan and zero-waste shops come into play – just to name a few. 

The magical Krisna-völgy is another part of the ever growing community of conscious living. But what exactly is Krishna-vögy? What is their mission and what can visitors expect there? 


What is Krisna-völgy

Krishna-völgy describes itself as “the largest and most organized eco-community in Hungary and even in Central Europe. On 266 acres of former sheep pasture, the diverse wildlife is home to many species. There are more than 950 species of trees and shrubs in the Krishna Valley Botanical Garden, which, in addition to education, also enables the conservation of wildlife close to nature and research into food crops. ”



The Foundations of Krisna-völgy

The foundation of Krisna-völgy near Kaposvár are therefore self-sufficiency, joint work and social development, all with the help of traditional technologies. They consider it important to use renewable energy sources – sun, wind – so as not to burden our planet. Water is supplied by wells and wastewater is treated with a zero-chemical, zero-energy reed-bed zone system. 

But they also are environmentally conscious on a small scale: every household operates on a completely green basis, from detergents to energy use. Of course, the community also has an organic garden that supplies vegetables and fruits to the church and households. Traditional methods are also used to store food – without any artificial preservatives.

As for the people who live here, everyone is involved in the production, the children also study here in the school of Krishna Valley. In addition to the national curriculum, here you can learn all about organic gardening, self-sufficiency and eco-living. They also study drama, music, arts and crafts, of course. In the meantime, they are educated to respect all the living entities and natural resources of the world equally, as they all belong to Krishna.


Tourist Center

The Krishna Valley is visited by roughly 25-30 thousand tourists a year. With the help of a guide, they can see how a small community close to nature lives in everyday life – all this can be done on ox carts. There are also dedicated family tours, adventure tours and church tours. And if you feel that a quick walk is not enough, you can feel free to book accommodation at the Krishna Valley site at Radhe Resort or one of the guest houses.

Additionally there is also a vegetarian restaurant (Govinda) and an Indian gift shop . The latter offers treasures such as books on karma, ayurveda and yoga, hand-rolling incense sticks, Indian-style dresses, special jewelry, and spices.


Sights and Places

During your visit you also should not miss the temple building, whose spiritual power is immediately captivating. But there are also many other sacred places that are constantly being supplemented so that tourists can also find out what monument they admire.

Also check out the Cow Conservation Center, where three special species – a Hungarian motley, a Tyrolean badger and an Indian zebu – live. 



The Krishna Valley hosts several programs and series of events every year. For example, the Vega Gastro Days, which promote a vegetarian lifestyle, the Vedic Self-Knowledge Camp, an exclusive tour through self-sufficiency, meditative pilgrimages, organic gardening workshops, or even spiritual retreats. Follow the event tab on their Facebook page to always be up to date!

If you are curious about the opportunities offered by the Krishna Valley, you can take part in their courses and programs, through which you can delve deeper into the philosophy of life of the locals. And for the more experienced ones, they also provide an opportunity for retreats, during which one can be rejuvenate both physically and mentally.


If now in the mood to experience the spirit of Krisna-völgy, don’t hesitate to visit. For this is a place of peace and spiritual development while also offering a a livabla and peaceful community life as a viable alternative to the often busy and wasteful lifestyle of the 21st century. And who wouldn’t want to taste this in today’s fast-paced world?


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