Meditation places in and around Budapest

Yoga is a great way to balance body and mind, a process greatly supported by meditation. There are many meditation places in Budapest that can help you to get into the right mind space for meditation. Relax, meditate, turn off and connect with yourself: these places will make it easy!
Meditation places in and around Budapest

For everybody into yoga, spirituality and meditation it is certainly nothing new that there are meditation places in Budapest and throughout the country that are just waiting to be discovered! These are quiet, peaceful, relaxing environments where anyone can retreat if they need a little silence and to turn inwards. We’ve combined them all in this list, so you just have to try which one works best.

Meditation Places in Budapest

Meditation venues in and around Budapest have become increasingly popular in recent years. With a wider spread of a conscious lifestyle and with an increasing focus on turning inside and mental well-being, these places have also become increasingly visited. However, many people still don’t know where to go if they want to switch off their mind for a while.

That is why we now list some places in and around Budapest you can confidently retreat to if you want to meditate . These include downtown, suburban and rural locations, as well as outdoor and indoor options. This way, anyone can really find the meditation place their body and soul needs.

Diamond Way Meditation Center

The history of the Diamant Way dates back to 1988, when Lama Ole Nydahl first visited Budapest, which led to the formation of the first meditation group in Hungary in 1990. Since then, the meditation center has come a long way, today it consists of a gompa with a capacity of 140 people, a library, a dhama shop and residential areas, and public meditations are held regularly. The center is also great for beginners: here anyone can ask questions about Buddhism, meditation, and the center itself.

The offer a free English group meditation every Thursday from 7pm.

By the way, the Diamond Way has centers in several major Hungarian cities. In proximity to Budapest, there is, for example, the meditation center in Székesfehérvár, where public meditation is also a permanent program. There is also a center in Tatabánya.

Diamond Way Meditation Center, Budapest, 1074, Rózsák Square 4-5.

Sugar Salt Cave & Relax Center

Meditation places in Budapest sometimes specialize in special needs: such as salt therapy. In addition to silence, tranquility and a meditative environment, Sóker Sóbarlang also guarantees the positive effects of salt on our body. The salt cave offers more than just relaxation: meditative concerts, sound baths and light games await those who wish to meditate.

Sóker Sóbarlang & Relax Center, 1066, Budapest, Mozsár utca 7.


In addition  it is worth checking out the offer of the best yoga studios in Budapest , as many studios also offer meditation opportunities: either connected to a yoga class or independently.


meditation places in Budapest


Outdoor Meditation Places in Budapest

If you want to meditate outside in Budapest, of course you have the opportunity to do so – but this is a slightly bigger challenge. Hungary’s capital is a relatively densely populated city, so it’s not easy to find a quiet, outdoor place where you can really immerse yourself in your inner world without being distracted by someone. Since it is important in meditation that you can really only pay attention to yourself, you definitely need to choose a place where solitude and privacy are guaranteed.

That’s why most of Budapest’s popular outdoor spaces, while great for holding yoga classes, are not suitable for meditation. Unfortunately, the slopes of Városliget, Margaret Island or Gellért Hill do not serve the purpose. But if you move a little further from the city center, for example to Normafa or Hármashatárhegy, then after a hearty walk you can easily find areas suitable for meditation.


A Special Place a Stone’s Throw from Budapest

Meditation places in Budapest offer great opportunities for those who want to meditate, yet, if you have the opportunity and time, it is worth venturing further. With a short drive you can get to really special, spiritual places, where you can not only admire the surroundings, but also meditate.

Buddha Park 

One of them is the Buddha Park next to Tar, where next to the Buddhist temple you can find a fabulous garden and various places of worship and memorials. Arriving at the entrance of the park, the special energy that the Buddha Park radiates will permeate!

Peace Stupa in Zalaszántó

But the Peace Stupa in Zalaszántó, inaugurated by the Dalai Lama himself, awaits with similar experiences. Here, next to the stupa, there is also a meditation center to satisfy all kinds of meditative needs. 

Meditate – No Matter the Location!

Many people think that it is not even the where, that is important, but quite simply that you just do it. It is crucial to pay attention to yourself, your mind, your soul, your body and their health. And to achieve this, you may sometimes need to meditate – the regularity and intensity with which you do it depends only on you and your needs. Meditation places in and around Budapest will help you get the most out of your meditation.


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