Spiritual Practices for Autumn – Welcome the New Season!

We live in a constant cycle and our needs change from season to season. Our spiritual practices for autumn will help you to adapt more easily to the new season, its challenges and changes this year.
Spiritual Practices for Autumn – Welcome the New Season!

You must have noticed, too: autumn has arrived. And while Indian Summer is still going on, it’s time to prepare for the new season – with spiritual practices for autumn, for example. This time of year, as there is less sunshine, the nights become longer and the temperatures colder, we face many challenges. But they don’t necessarily have to negatively affect us! With some methods and practices, we can use these changes to our favour. Here are our best tips!

What Happens to Our Spirit in Autumn?

The approach of autumn is clearly indicated by changes in nature. The leaves are turning colorful, the days become shorter and the weather becomes colder, windy and more rainy. Often you can also feel it in yourself: Something new is beginning. At such times, we almost involuntarily find ourselves summing up our lives, delving into ourselves, and examining everything — from objects, through habits, beliefs, and attitudes — that we feel it would be time to let go of.

The autumn equinox (in 2021 on 22nd September), when day and night are of equal length, also helps us in all of this. This balance can in turn help us balance, just like including spiritual practices for autumn into our daily lives. In addition to this balance, the season is also strangely characterized by duality. After all, this is not only a perfect time to let go, but also to harvest.

So, in autumn you can evaluate what you need to let go of in your life – anything that doesn’t benefit you. Meanwhile, the season also encourages us to celebrate nature and everything it gives us, the wonderful autumn vegetables and fruits, and all the other crops that are harvested during this season. It is easy to find balance and beauty in this paradox.

Why Can We Be Grateful in Autumn?

Autumn is a celebration of divine fruits and vegetables. But during this season we don’t only have fresh wine, the fruits harvested and the seasonal delicacies to be grateful for. Autumn, and especially spiritual practices for autumn, teach us a lot about letting go and finding beauty in the loss of something, even death. After all, in autumn we can watch nature slowly die, so that something new can develop in its place later. Look at it differently: this is not a period of passing, but of new beginnings.

Let’s not forget about other aspects of nature either! There is nothing more magical than autumn forests and parks. The afternoon, sleepy lights glowing in orange, the trees and bushes splendid in warm tones are all a reminder to appreciate the beautiful little things around you.


spiritual practices for autumn trees


Spiritual Practices for Autumn

This period provides countless opportunities for us to move into a new phase of our lives through spiritual practices for autumn. Now let’s look at how all of this can be applied in practice.

Let Go What Holds You Back

Autumn is the perfect time to let go of what is unnecessary, thus making room for the new that will come. This is true both for our minds and for things to do around the house or apartment. To start this process, it is essential to turn a little inward, to remain silent and pay attention. To take stock of the people and things around us and to observe what rises from us in silence. It can be enlightening in relation to one aspect of our lives, in the formation of visions, but it can also emerge in the form of creative activities. Let’s embed these wonderful new things by giving them free space for expression! Let nature inspire you in this!

Take a Walk to Refresh Your Spirit

To get this inspiration, head outside during autumn! But just spending time outside is not enough. For the full benefit of this spiritual practice for fall you also must be present! Listen to nature, notice the changes that take place in it, the different light, the different air. Watch the trees practice letting go and follow their example! Saturated colors, clear skies, sharp horizons awaken our senses not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

It is also important to breathe in fresh, clean, pungent air during walks or hikes. You may notice that the air quality is quite different during this time, and this new experience can encourage you to move towards the future with new approaches, thoughts, and emotions. Discover unexpected plans and ideas – once you’ve made room for them with the exercises mentioned above!

Meditate to Get to Know Yourself

Soon the nights will be noticeably longer as well. And in the longer hours spent after dark, we tend to dive deeper into ourselves, often through spiritual practices like meditation. In autumn the world calms down sooner, we can pay more attention to ourselves, mute the noises around us, and meditate.

If you don’t know exactly how, then read more about how to meditate.  During this period you can use the scents of the season, candles that bring warmth. And who knows, through meditation, perhaps the enlightenment mentioned above, a new idea, or anything else you didn’t know was hiding beneath the surface of your thoughts will appear.


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