Cannabis and Yoga: The New Crazy Yoga Trend

It may sound strange at first, but a new version of yoga, Ganja Yoga, is conquering America. With the legalization of cannabis in several states, more and more yoga studios are offering this special type of lesson!
Cannabis and Yoga: The New Crazy Yoga Trend

The History of Ganja Yoga

Ganja Yoga is not a new concept. In India, yogis have been using weed and other herbs for millenia to support their yoga practice. The first pioneer of the movement in the West was American-born Dee Dussault, who was just 25 years old when she organized her first private small group class in her living room in 2009.

However, Ganja yoga is not a series of average asanas that people usually practice in yoga class. Rather, the goal of this program was to help people of all ages experience deep relaxation with light exercise, regardless of their physique and fitness level, all in one community.

Over the past decade, however, Dee has risen even higher, holding classes for thousands of students across America and internationally. Her teacher training also enjoyed great popularity, with more than a hundred people attending, even students from Hong Kong and Australia. Her work has also been featured in The New York Times and Business Insider. And in 2017 she published her book GanjaYoga, which was a bestseller on Amazon.


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Use of Cannabis from the Perspective of Ayurveda

The ancient Indian Vedas (sacred Hindu texts), classify cannabis among the five sacred plants. The ancient Indians believed that there was a guardian spirit in the plant. Even today it is an important part of some Hindu festivals.

On the one hand, Ayurvedic texts mention marijuana as a medicine (known in Sanskrit as vijaya). Even today, there is a wealth of research evidence that its use has innumerable therapeutic benefits for those suffering from chronic pain or receiving chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. At the same time, it is also called a poison, as the inappropriate or improper use of cannabis causes an imbalance in the mind from the perspective of ayurveda.


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Negative Effects

Many people prefer to use herbs and natural ingredients to heal and balance their lives. They want to get rid of pain or stress more easily. Keep in mind, however, that cannabis, when used as a recreational drug, can cause serious imbalances in body and mind, and its continued use can have serious side effects.

Thus, in Ayurvedic treatments, cannabis is used only for certain problems and the active ingredients of the plant are introduced into the body through smoke, which is prepared according to very strict regulations and used only under the careful supervision of trained experts.

By no means do we recommend the use of marijuana during yoga or recreation, not only because it is harmful to the body, but also because it is one of the illegal drugs in Hungary. Its consumption and sale are also punishable by law.

If you would like to try a “normal” yoga lesson, you’ll find the right yoga studio on Budapest here!



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