Chakras -The Impact of Your Energy Network on Everyday Life

There are 7 main chakras, energy points located along the spine from its base to the top of your head, which carry energy through your body. But what exactly is the impact this energy network has on our everyday life? 
Chakras -The Impact of Your Energy Network on Everyday Life

The word chakra is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning wheel or, another term used by yogis, the vortex of energy. In our terminology today, this term refers to our subtle energy body.


The Impact of Chakras on Our Everyday Life

The state of the chakra system influences our mood, our health and our way of life in everyday life, as everything that happens in our immediate environment affects the chakras.

When they are balanced and energy, like a river, flows through them easily, we see our lives as satisfying and beautiful. We experience a sense of wholeness emotionally, mentally, and physically. The more love we feel, the wider and larger the energy field around us will be.

However, as a result of many negative emotions and energies, these channels can become blocked, our energy field can narrow, resulting in negative effects on our lives. Continuous failure, depression, anger, weakness, worse illness, and complete lack of energy can have lasting negative effects.

However, there is a lot we can do to stimulate and optimize the performance of the chakras. Yoga, for example, is a great tool for this. But let’s take a closer look at what else can help maintain the flow of positive energy.


Balancing the Chakras

Fortunately, there are many treasures to be found in nature that can help you rebalance. Consuming natural foods, regular yoga and meditation bring positive energies into our lives. It is also important to consider the 5 natural elements below which should be found in everybody’s home. Each chakra is associated with one natural element.


five elements earth, air, water, fire, space


The 5 Elements

Earth: Belongs to the root chakra. Smaller trees and house plants have plenty of earth energy.

Water: Belongs to the sacral chakra. The sound of an aquarium or fountain has a positive effect on the mind.

Fire: Belongs to the solar plexus chakra. Lighting a candle or placing a salt lamp in the apartment can help a lot.

Air: The element of the heart chakra, fresh air flows into our home through regular ventilation. The use of incense and essential oils can also help activate it.

Ether: The space element belongs to the throat chakra and to the crown chakra. It is connected to the energy of the words we speak.


Chakras Attached to the Physical World


1.) Root Chakra
The root chakra or Muladhara is located at the bottom of the spine. This chakra connects us to material existence, that is, to our physical body. Its physical function is grounding and activity.

When it is balanced, we are healthy, strong, and stand with two feet on the ground . If you experience over- or underactivity, shyness, self-harming behavior, anxiety, depression, financial problems and various illnesses such as diarrhea, tooth problems, back problems, kidney stones, limb coldness might be symptoms of it.

Element: earth
Color: red
Mantra: LAM
Crystals: all red and black minerals such as ruby, bloodstone and black stone
Essential oils: mandarin, cloves, rosemary
Suggested yoga asanas: Warrior poses, Baddhakonasan, Hanumananas, Malasana, downward facing dog, plow position


2.) Sacral Chakra
Also known as sex chakra or Swadhisthana. It is located in the area of the genitals, three fingers away from the navel. It also points forward and backward. This center allows us to enjoy life.

When it works properly, we feel that we deserve all the good and thereby create abundance for ourselves. Its physical function is to supply energy to the genitals.

When it works harmoniously, we can trust ourselves and others, we show our feelings, we are creative. If it works too much, emotional imbalance and excessive sexual desire appear and you are easy to manipulate. In case of malfunction, frigidity, brittleness, lack of self-confidence, guilt without reason are symptoms.

Element: water
Color: orange
Mantra: VAM
Crystals: amber, carnelian
Essential oils: cardamom, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, moss
Suggested yoga asanas: hip openings are something asanas in which the legs are wide apart: e.g. Hanumananasana, Malasana, Baddhakonasana, Gomukhasana


3.) Solar Plexus Chakra
Also known as solar plexus or navel chakra (Manipura). Location: at the navel, around the mouth of the stomach. It is directly related to self-esteem and the development of relationships with others. Its physical function is to supply energy to the digestive and excretory organs.

If it works harmoniously, you respect yourself and others, your vitality radiates aand you are cheerful, open and ready to act. If it is overactive you are dominated by judgment, disregard the feelings and wishes of others as well as feel anger and mania. Symptoms that it is not active enough are a lack of self-confidence, fear, reluctance, fear of loneliness, feeling of failure, nervousness.

Element: fire
Color: yellow
Mantra: RAM
Crystals: jade, tiger’s eye, citrine
Essential oils: bergamot, cajeput, lavender, cinnamon, orange
Suggested Yoga Asanas: Tirjaka-Tadasana, Utthita-Trikonasana, Halasana


Chakras of the Higher Planes


4.) Heart Chakra 
The heart chakra or Anahata is located in the lower part of the chest, in the middle at heart-level. Its job is to keep the life force awake, to live and maintain love.

If it works harmoniously, you are compassionate, caring and striving for harmony as well as selfless and you love unconditionally. In case of overactivity, you are possessive in nature and impose conditions on your love. In case of underactivity, you are afraid of rejection and find yourself unworthy of love.

Element: air
Color: grenn
Mantra: JANG
Crystal: rose quartz
Essential oils: basil, rose, jasmine, violet, cumin
Suggested Yoga Asanas: Virabhadrasana, Sphinx Pose, Bhujangasana, Asthangasana


5.)Throat Chakra
The throat chakra or Vishuddha is located in the neck and throat area. Its function is to supply the energy of our sound-producing and respiratory organs. It manifests itself in self-expression. It is often blocked by unspoken feelings, which prevents the energies from advancing to the higher chakras.

If it works harminiously, your communication skills are good, you expresses yourself easily and you are honest. In case of overacticity, you are talkative, smug, arrogant, lying. In case of underactivity, your self-confidence is incomplete, your are unreliable and the feeling of having a frog in your throat appears.

Elements: ether and air
Color: blue
Mantra: HAM
Crystals: amazonit, turquoise
Essential oils: eucalyptus, pine, sage, geranium, lavender and rose oil
Recommended yoga asanas: candle pose, fish pose, nape position


6.) Forehead Chakra
Other names are the third eye chakra or Ajna , located between the two eyebrows. It is responsible for our intuition, our intelligence. The forehead chakra is the seat of the soul and guides the direction of meditation and contemplation.

If it is working harmoniously, you are charismatic, highly intuitive, have good learning abilities and memory. In case of overacitvity you are arrogant, too materialistic. In case of underactivity you are afraid of success, set the standard low, are forgetful, hallucinate, and struggle with learning difficulties.

Element: no element because it does not belong to the physical plane
Color: violet
Mantra: OM
Crystals: amethyst, sapphire
Essential oils: jasmine, nutmeg, patchouli, cajeput, clover, rosemary, eucalyptus
Suggested Yoga Asanas: Ardha-ustrasana, Parighasana, Ardha-matszjennrasana


The Center of Power of the Highest Order


7.) Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara is located on top of the head, on the opposite end of the root chakra. It looks upwards. Through it we can experience our divine origin, our consciousness, and our sense of unity.

If it is working harmoniously, you have a radiant personality, are calm, and spread harmony. In case of overactivity, manic depression, sexual disorders, frustration may appear. In case of underactivity, you are constantly exhausted, hesitant, don’t feel that you belong somewhere, are insecure, aimless and are afraid of death.

Element: no element because it does not belong to the material plane
Colors: white or light gold
Mantra: om, om mani padme hum.
Crystals: rhinestone and diamond
Essential oils: laurel, myrrh, incense, lotus
Recommended yoga asanas: head standing

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We hope we have been able to help you with our article and you will benefit from knowin about the impact your chakras can have on your life. Read our news for more curiosities and articles.



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