Yoga Shops in Budapest – Buy Your Equipment Here!

With yoga becoming increasingly popular, more and more yoga shops are waiting for you in Budapest. There you can find everything from yoga mats and yoga clothing to all possible accessories. If you don't believe it, check it out for yourself!
Yoga Shops in Budapest – Buy Your Equipment Here!

Our best yoga shops in Budapest are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of all yoga practitioners! It doesn’t matter if you like to practice at home or have already discovered the best yoga studios in Budapest, and you practice there in a group – you will still need equipment. And you can get it in these shops! 

Our list of the best yoga shops in Budapest makes sure that everyone finds the shop suited best for their needs, so nothing stands between you and practicing your asanas.  The yoga shops in Budapest don’t offer just yoga mats and yoga clothes, but much more – books, spiritual supplies, tools to fully indulge in meditation and yoga: and that’s not all!


The Best Yoga Shops in Budapest

Luckily yoga is a form of movement that doesn’t require too much equipment. You will definitely need a yoga mat and a set of comfortable clothes in which you can move freely. (In fact, if you go to a yoga studio, you won’t even need a mat, as most places provide this.) In addition, to complete the experience, you can also get several other accessories that can be helpful, like yoga blocks. You don’t need much more, but if you want to, you can indulge in beautiful accessories like statues, meditation pillows and more. 


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Yoga Bazaar

If you want to choose from a wide selection, check out Yoga Bazaar! The downtown store is waiting for you online and in person with many products. They offer countless types, thicknesses and brands of yoga mats, towels, blankets, bricks, blocks, yoga wheels and straps – and it’s still just a fraction of their entire inventory! You’ll even find clothes and bags, but also many other products to help you with a complete lifestyle change. They also offer instructional books, meditation tools, essential oils, home furnishings, and other accessories.

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YogaShop was the first webshop selling yoga equipment in the country (Budapest pick-up possible). Their goal is to help you practice yoga more comfortably and pleasantly with the widest possible range of products. Moreover, they want to inspire with their products. Choose from rugs, mats, meditation supplies, oils, balms and more! And if you don’t feel so confident in your knowledge of practicing alone at home yet, throw a DVD, CD, or book in your cart!

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In this seventh district store, you’ll find everything you need to create a true spiritual, meditative environment for yoga at home. Of course, you can also find the basic yoga accessories here, but next to them you can find a wide variety of Indian incense sticks, original Indian incense holders, perfume oils and magical sculptures. Here you can also dive into the world of Ayurveda, and even get a little insight into acupressure and meditation with their products.

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Yoga Mania

Yoga shops in Budapest are waiting not only on the Pest side, but also on the Buda side. One of our favorites is the Yoga Mania in Óbuda. Just like other similar stores, you can find the basic products of yoga here, but they also offer much more. In addition to tutorials and courses, they also have many products to help you with a complete lifestyle change. Ayurvedic foods, mugs, powders, vitamins and organic products are waiting for you if you got into yoga not only for the sake of movement but also for a new outlook on life.

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Other Shops for Yoga Practitioners

However, the Hungarian capital is not only well prepared for everybody who is specifically looking for yoga equipment. If you are interested in everything related to this way of life, spirituality, meditation and conscious lifestyle, you can find many places supporting this.

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We know that changing lifestyles and attitudes is not easy. But that’s why we’re here! We’ve already found the starting points for you, so all you have to do is find your new surroundings, where everyone will be happy to help you find a new direction.


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